Getting Started

Welcome to Mariana Tek's Developer Guide!

We're so glad you'd like to partner with us to build your custom app or integration! This document provides the information you will need to launch a successful development partnership with us. Whichever ways you are planning to build with Mariana Tek, understanding this flow will allow you to leverage our platform to your success.

Whether you're joining as an Integration Partner (building public integrations for many studios) or a Custom Developer (working directly with a single studio), our aim is to allow building with Mariana Tek to be a smooth process. We have outlined the steps you should expect below:

Step 1 - Onboarding

Start your journey to build your software with us

Integration Partners:

Custom Developers:

  • Reach out to the Integrations Team with your project goals and timeline. Share details about the features you plan to build and receive relevant guidance. Depending on the project, we may recommend or require a kickoff meeting to discuss the integration in more detail.

    Be sure to include the Studio Owner on your communications with us to provide authorization

Step 2 - Build and Test

Develop and test your software using Mariana Tek's platform

  • Get connected to the Mariana Tek Integrations Team and receive your credentials including your custom sandbox URL, and potentially an API Key
  • Access Mariana Tek's comprehensive APIs and start exploring the ways your software integration will function
  • Build and test your integration in an identical environment to production
  • Pro Tip: Be sure to read the Integration Review Docs in advance, in order to prepare for the technical review (if applicable)

Step 3 - Review and Publish Your App

Once you have finished building and testing your software, it's time for the technical review.

Note: This technical review phase is not required for all integrations. Please reach out if you are unclear whether a technical review is needed.

Technical Review

During the integrations review process, we will ensure your software meets the requirements for launch. The timeframe may vary but takes approximately 1-3 weeks

In summary, during this process you will:

  • Provide info about the main features of your integration
  • Provide access to your software for testing
  • Receive feedback on your integration and a decision of approval or adjustments needed to meet acceptance criteria
  • Prepare educational and marketing materials for launch
  • Prepare a video walkthrough of your app or integration from the client and enduser perspective (Note: A screenshare of the dev environment will suffice for mobile apps)

Publish Your App

Be sure to read our Going Live guide well in advance of the launch, to be sure the integration supports production requirements. In summary, here is what needs to happen:

  • Prepare your integration for the production environment (i.e. switch credentials, API URLs, etc.)
  • For public integrations: Provide educational and marketing materials as well as app details to Mariana Tek's Business Development Team
  • For public integrations: Provide a support email for clients to reach out to, and a notification email for new installs
  • If applicable, we will prepare your approved app integration for easy install by brands
  • Go Live!

If you have any questions about this process please reach out to Integrations. We look forward to seeing what you build with Mariana Tek!